The Phoebe is back!

     I heard an Eastern Phoebe this morning outside my bedroom window! This is my bird, the one that brings me the most joy. 
     The return of the Phoebe signals the real start of spring for me; the Song sparrows, Fox sparrows and Turkey vultures, as happy as I have been to see them, are just the warm-ups. What is it about this drab, raspy-voiced bird that has captured me? Maybe it's because of the Phoebe's persistent song, maybe it's because they return to nest in the same place from year to year, maybe it's because years ago it was the first spring migrant I really became aware of -- I don't know why. But today feels like my birthday.
     To hear the Phoebe's song, visit my post "Coming Home" from April 2013. Then go outside and listen. What signals the real start of spring for you?
Eastern phoebe - Anna

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  1. I thought I heard a Phoebe yesterday, too--but only once, so I doubted my ear. Perhaps I really did!