The Porcupine in the Tree

     What is it with critters in trees this week? Or maybe the question is what is it with me this week?
     This morning I was feeling out of sorts, an unusual disposition for me. As I cast about doing things like laundry and avoiding deskwork, unable to finish anything, I finally decided to go outside for a snowshoe. Find refuge in the non-judgmental arms of mother earth. Release whatever was fighting inside me through steady walking. Listen. Maybe find some peace.
     And what I found was a porcupine in a tree.
     I am going to refrain from grand metaphors here. 
     Instead, I'm going to share the pictures I took, all in the name of "it's so cool to find a porcupine denned up in a tree". 

So here's the tree I came across. See the mess below it? That was the clue.

This is the critter poop.


Here it is close up.

Definitely porcupine. 
Right shape, fibrous.  

Now looking up.....  

And finally, here is a close-up. Tucked into the top of the hole I could see the black and white quills of the porcupine, its back turned to me, hiding in the shadows. I lightened the photo as best as I could in hopes of making its well- camouflaged quills visible. Not sure it worked. 

   The end of the story? The day is going better. Walking in the earth's world always brings me some kind of respite. Maybe that's why we call it grounding. Thank you tree. Thank you porcupine.

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