Retreat with us

     We are approaching the in-between time. Daylight is noticeably longer; there is a quickening in the movements of the birds and a very subtle reddening of the maple buds. But snow still blankets the land, and the wind is sharp. This is a time to consciously seek balance.
     Come retreat with us for an extended weekend, March 5 - 8. A little back story: last spring, a soul-friend and I started offering workshops to guide people into their natural creativity as a way to discover what their intuitive selves might want to express. We called this process of centering, creating and connecting "Pathways". Now it is a small business called Opening Pathways, and we are offering our first retreat.
     This residential retreat is for women only, this time. The full moon will be with us, and the equinox approaching. We will come to balance through movement and stillness, sound and silence, going inside and outside, honoring light and dark, being creative and contemplative, alone and together. Each morning, you may choose to go for a sunrise walk, do a yoga awakening, or sleep in a little more. After breakfast, we'll have an opening circle and activity. In the afternoon, there will be another offering as well as unstructured time. Evenings will find us howling at the moon, having a dance party, or quiet in ceremony – as spirit calls us. Come curious, courageous and compassionate, towards yourself and all of us. The leaders are participants as well – we are in balance in circle together.
     If you are interested and want more information, contact me by submitting a comment to this blog post (don't worry, I won't publish it), or send a request to us at PathwaysMaine(at)gmail(dot)com. 
     Who knows what you will find on retreat. Definitely rest and restored energy. Maybe the light. Maybe yourself. 

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