Anna's birds

     In the last post, I wrote about Anna's bird drawings.  Here are the four birds she completed for me before she went to Wabun.  I found when I was writing about birds, I needed a picture to go with the recordings I had made, but it was too hard for me to get my own good photos.  This is her gift to the blog -- and to me.


The phoebe says its own name - incessantly. 
(First posted in "Coming home" - 4/9/13)
Black-throated green warbler

The black-throated green's "zee-zee-zee-zo-zee" is one of the earliest and most discernable warbler songs of the spring. 
(First posted in "Spring ephemerals" - 4/30/13)

Common yellow-throat (warbler)

The "wichety-wichety-wichety" of this small bird usually comes from shrubby or wet areas. I recorded this one down the road in some alders around the wet area in the field.

Ovenbird (warbler)

The ovenbird is a nearly invisible warbler of the deep woods, but its "teacher-teacher-teacher" song can't be missed.  I haven't heard one in several days now, and so I offer this track from the public domain (thanks to dmoon9931!).