Intermezzo - I Dwell in Possibility...

My favorite poem, and one that has guided me since high school, is Emily Dickinson's “I Dwell in Possibility - (466)”. The poem and this photo have been following me around all week, quiet and shy, but smiling brightly when I turn to look at them. Here they are: may you find what you need in them, as I have.

I dwell in Possibility ­—
A fairer House than Prose —
More numerous of Windows —
Superior — for Doors—

Of Chambers as the Cedars—
Impregnable of eye—
And for an everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky—

Of Visitors — the fairest —
For Occupation — This —
The spreading wide my narrow Hands
To gather Paradise —

* This poem is found in many Emily Dickinson anthologies. For specific permissions and sources, visit this Poetry Foundation link: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/182904